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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

"I saved my last breath for your window"

Title credit: Acoustic Funeral (For Love in Limbo) by HIM

So, I decided to scan my face a few times. I like to call the series 'At your window' and yes, I am making a series out of it. Most of them are artistically pleasing. I will be doing more during the course of the next few weeks (whenever I scan doodles or the like). I have another part of the series uploaded and it can be seen here. I may upload this one there as well but I'm not entirely sure - this may be a series which is spread throughout my various nooks of the internet. It'll be like a treasure hunt to find each piece. How exciting. Anyway, second post in one day - be happy.


  1. *giggles* That's really cool. I wish I owned a scanner, although mine would turn out something not as cool. :P

  2. Another Brick in the wall12 March 2010 at 23:24

    LOVE this picture. it really peirces me.

    (saw your link on ET and checked it out. glad I did.)