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Thursday, 18 March 2010

Facebook Graffiti: Dragon's Eye

This was drawn on the wall of the Blue-Bird, my Beth (Yes, mine). Visit her doodle blog, writing blog, poetry specific blog and observation blog - you know you want to. I loves her dearly and so should you. And, just so you know, her writings and doodlings and such are awesome, you should definitely check them out. Plus, she's a lovely person and so deserves your attention. She's less sarcastic than me. :P You might appreciate the break from my sarcasm.

But anyway, onto the actual colourfuldoodlemathing.

I'm rather impressed by this. I didn't undo anything and I kept accidentally doing the pen-flick that makes my browser go back a page. Thank the baby jesus (hey-zeus) for auto recovery, otherwise this would not exist, which would make me sad.

This was technically procrastination. I'm supposed to be (and am) working on a manip for my big brother - he needs a background for a poster, so I'm obliging. However, since he lacks PSE I have to work in Gimp and while I love Gimp, it was my starting point and holds a place in my heart, working in A3 size at 300dpi does not work. It makes it very slow and hard to work with, especially if erasing/painting large spaces. So, while I'm gathering the motivation to finish erasing the sky and replacing it with a more atmospheric sky, I decided to do this. And update this blog. Everyone's a winner! Except maybe my brother... who may have to wait slightly longer than he originally would have.