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Monday, 22 February 2010

What the deuce?

What is this you may ask? Well, I shall tell you. It's a sketchblog. But it's not a normal sketchblog, oh no. It will have some form of WIP shots and finished art works but most of it will be doodles. You see, in my lectures and seminars I have a bad habit of doodling (but not all of these doodles will come from lectures and seminars, they can come from anywhere). Fortunately for me the doodles that come out of these lectures and seminars tend to be amusing, sometimes related to the lesson and occasionally actually pretty good. Shocker.

Since coming back from something the University of Chester like to call 'Personal Development Week', I have decided that cluttering my notes with unnecessary, albeit fun, doodles is not a good idea and so have brought a small sketchbook back with me, which is where most of the doodles you see will come from. I will gradually be uploading the ones that I did before the mini sketch book idea came into my head but otherwise, any new ones will be in chronological order, unless I have something bigger planned for a certain page. Oh my god. Organisation? Really? Yep.

What's with the name? Well, the cover of my A6 Chiltern Brand sketch pad has the Eiffel Tower on it in an obviously fake computerised sketchy style and I have doodled on it, it's almost like an attack on the Eiffel Tower. My own little invasion, if you will. When I have finally scanned it, it shall be the header image for this blog. Until then we shall deal with what is there currently.

I hope you enjoy this little slice of madness that is my doodlings and/or actual artwork. I enjoyed creating it, at least.

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